How To Use Facebook to Market Your Practice


In February 2004, Facebook launched and rounded out its first year with an impressive 1 million users nationwide. ( Since then, Facebook has launched worldwide and as of February 2019, has 2.27 Billion global users, with most users spending 2-3 hours DAILY scrolling through their Facebook feeds (

This highlights the new world we live in and how many of us get much of our information. In the world of technology, social media is king.

In the past decade, Facebook has gone from a benign sharing platform full of blurry selfies and cats-eating-spaghetti memes, to an important marketing tool for professionals in all fields. Many professionals, however, still believe that social media serves very little substantive purpose for their businesses. This is an antiquated and disadvantageous belief.

Many people look to social media for medical advice. Unfortunately, not all of it is accurate or true. Physicians who market their practices on Facebook and provide accurate and quality content not only build relationships with potential patients, but stand out as reliable authorities in their fields. 

But how do YOU use Facebook to grow and market your practice? Below are tips to make social media work for you.

Create a Facebook Business Page 

Most people who are Facebook savvy know there are 2 ways to get your content out through Facebook. Personal accounts and Business pages. What's the difference between the two? Personal accounts are where personal things are shared. Business pages are where business related items are shared. It's less effective to have the two bleed into eachother, so creating a (free) Facebook Business page is crucial for marketing your practice.

 Invite your existing Facebook friends to 'like' your new Business page

An important aspect of marketing your practice via social media is to get your name and the name of your practice out there. The more 'likes' your page has, the higher it will rank in your friends newsfeeds.

Post often and post quality content

To keep your page relevant, posting is crucial. Make a goal of posting at least a few times a week. Facebook has tools to help you schedule posts weekly, so you can type up your post, and schedule Facebook to post it for you.

What should you post? Keep your posts interesting, accurate, content rich, and engaging. Sharing medical news, studies, blogs and information about your practice (or yourself) will always have engagement from potential patients.

Add images to your posts

Adding an image to your Facebook post will boost your algorithm and bump up your posts engagement rates


Engage in a timely manner with anyone who comments on a post, messages your page, or posts to your page's wall. Everyone is a potential patient, and engaging with them helps to market your practice

Make yourself visible

Let your potential patients know you. If comfortable, utilize the 'Facebook Live' tool. Create a live video introducing yourself, your practice, or share medical information you feel will be helpful or interesting to your viewers. People are more likely to want to use your services if they know who you are.

Connect with other professionals locally 

Facebook is a great way to connect with other professionals and like minded people.

Social media, if used in a strategic way, is the best tool for marketing your practice. Happy posting!

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  Joelle Menke

Social Media Marketing Contributor

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